10 Benefits of Bananas That You Didn’t Know


Bananas are super food. They say that an apple a day keeps doctor away. But you will be surprised to know that bananas have more nutritional value compared to apples. They contain five times the amount of Vitamin A and twice the amount of carbohydrates as apples. Bananas are rich in potassium and vitamin C as well.

1.Caffeine and Energy Drink Replacement

Bananas are also full of potential to provide the same level of energy as any other energy drink. You can even replace your morning coffee with bananas because they are a substitute for caffeine without the side effects. Moreover, if you are feeling down, tired or sluggish, eating a banana will instantly lift you up. On the other hand, the energy crash that usually follows energy drinks and caffeine can be avoided with bananas.

2.Counter Depression

Many research results show that bananas are useful when it comes to combating depression. Bananas are rich in tryptophan which is a component that is changed into serotonin by the body. If you are feeling anxious, tired by the blues and dealing with downward spiral of emotions, add bananas to your daily diet.

4. Laxatives

Bananas contain fiber which is essential in regulating digestive system and bowel movements. Eating bananas is directly linked with getting rid of constipation and other bowel health issues. Ripe bananas are a key to restoring bowel movements in the body so if you deal with similar issues; it’s time to try to simple solution.

5. Natural Pain Reduction

Are you dealing with cramps? PMS can be really difficult for women who bear pain and cramps. Say goodbye to painkillers and add a banana to your routine. Bananas contain vitamin B6 which is a great component in fighting symptoms of PMS.

6. Hangover Trick

The morning after a night of heavy drinking can be difficult. Migraine and nausea is hard to get rid of. But hear this out. Bananas are known to rejuvenate the body with its nutrients. You can make a blend of banana, yogurt and honey to make a nice smoothie for your hangover blues. This trick has worked for most people.

7. Morning Sickness

Another great benefit of eating bananas is that it reduces morning sickness. Many women who are in their early stages of pregnancy eat bananas to get rid of the symptoms. Once again, vitamin B6 in bananas does the work.

8. Workout

Bananas are a great way to gain natural nutrients for your workout. Your energy will last longer and your body will not feel stripped off of nutrition either. Eating a banana before workout will change the way you feel at gym.

9. Sleep Better

You might not be ready to believe this but you have to try it. If you are having a hard time falling asleep, try eating a banana. It contains components which turn into melatonin and help you get good night’s sleep.

10. Get Rid Of Bloating

Bananas fight the bacteria which causes bloating. This is all you need to know to start underestimating what bananas can do for you.


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