5 Questions We Wanted Teen Moms to Answer


No matter what the society says, we know that there are young women who have to take up on motherhood because they either belong to conservative backgrounds which are not willing to accept that teenagers are involved in sexual intercourse or they do not get proper education about such intricate matters which can change their entire lives for better or for worse.

  • Do All Teen Moms Consider Abortion

When it comes to having a baby, women are faced with the confusion of whether or not they are ready for it and if they will be supported by society and the father in their choice of keeping the baby. However, after questioning a few teen mothers, it is shocking to learn that unlike most people’s opinion, teen mothers do not consider abortion as strongly as they like to believe. In fact, they will change their mind about it.

  • Do Teen Girls Get Birth Control Education

When five teen moms were asked if they had prior education about birth control, only one of them said yes. Whereas the other four women shared that they either belonged to conservative families or simply were told to avoid sexual intercourse in health class. If we are to look after teen girls’ health, we must make it mandatory to have open discourse about intimate relationships and the help young girls can get if they are faced with pregnancy.

  • Do Relationships Take Different Shape After Pregnancy

96% of teen moms agreed that relationships take a different turn when they find out they are pregnant and share with boys who, ideally, should be teen fathers. Moreover, their relationships with their parents and other elders in life changed as well. They believe that they feel certain sense of maturity which peers and friends of their age group do not share. It can be a lonely feeling yet uplifting in many ways for teen moms.

  • Are Fathers of These Babies Active In Their Lives

Although one teen mom had been completely abandoned by the man who was involved in intimate relationships with her, the other women had positive things to say. Many teen moms also agree about the fact that they mature faster when they are carrying the baby and boyfriends often fail to do so. On the other hand, teen moms who use Planned Parenthood and are married to their boyfriends, get support and involvement that they need. They also agree that there is a contrast between father and boyfriend.

  • Would Teen Moms Encourage Others To Do the Same

When it comes to encouraging other women, almost all the teen moms disagree. They believe that while they might be happy with their choice, other women might not have to miss out on their opportunities and youth. There is always time to have children but you cannot rewind time to live the days you miss out on. Being a parent is a responsibility that everyone is not ready for therefore no one should be forced to go through it.


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