5 Reasons to Quit Sugar Right Now


Sugar, like many other nutrients, is an essential part of our diet. Healthy sugar intake is consumed through fruits and vegetables which are the organic sources for this component. However, processed sugar is a dangerous ingredient that should be avoided. We do not even realize the amount of sugar that we consume daily and how it adversely affects our human body. Beverages, desserts and snacks etc. have high amounts of processed sugar that will eventually catch up with your health. If you cannot resist sugar, keep reading and by the end you will be convinced to quit sugar:

1. Weight Issues

One thing that you need to be vigilant about is your weight. You might not even realize that you are putting on weight but it starts to show up in time. Moreover, fructose is the type of sugar which is even worse for your health. It makes you feel hungry and starved causing you to eat more. With time, weight gain can turn into obesity that is harder to control. If you have been trying to shed off weight, quit sugar for a week and you will notice a change in your body’s ability to lose weight.

2. Risk of Diabetes

Insulin is a hormone that regulates sugar level in the body. When you are consuming too much sugar on regular basis, it weakens giving way to diabetes. Many people can face high levels of sugar level which is risk-inducing to health. If you want to stay healthy and maintain a good lifestyle, balance your sugar intake starting today.

3. General Health Disorders

You are also vulnerable to general health disorders including tooth erosion and breakouts on skin. Increased level of sugar in body also causes the instigation of androgen, inflammation and oil production. You might start to encounter digestion problems as well. These otherwise insignificant health problems can lead to bigger health issues in future.

4. Mood Fluctuation

Sugar has the quality to give you ‘high’ when you consume it. This means that you will feel a surge of energy for a while. But this ‘high’ is lost just as quickly as it is gained. As a result, you might feel worn out and tired. Often times, you can sense the emotional rollercoaster. In the long run, sugar can cause irregular emotions which can affect your daily life. Relying on sugar for energy needs to be stopped now.

5. Illnesses

Sugar intake can cause many illnesses like:

  • Pancreas dysfunction
  • Liver failure
  • Cancer
  • Blood stickiness

As iterated before, sugar intake might feel harmless when it is in its initial stage. But if you don’t balance the amount of sugar you consume on a daily basis, you will start to face health problems that will lead to illnesses which are threatening to your overall health and life.

So, if you want to stay fit and manage your health for a long time to come, quit sugar today. Within a week of going sugar-free, you will notice a great change in your health.


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