5 Unconventional Reasons for Childhood Obesity


Many parents wonder why their children are having a hard time keeping track of their weight. It is not always over eating that is causing them to gain weight. Childhood obesity is often times directly linked with other factors such as skipping breakfast along with irregular sleeping hours. It is the lifestyle in its entirety which causes childhood obesity rather than one factor. According to World Health Organization, about 41 million children were reported to be obese.

1. Diet Factor

It is observed that children who consume high-sugar and high-salt foods are almost always obese. This imbalance of nutrition can cause children to gain unhealthy amount of fat during childhood which can be difficult to shed when they grow up.

2. Losing Sleep

It is a fact that human body rejuvenates and improves digestion during the nighttime. However, children who do not get proper sleep hours every night tend to be obese as their health system is disrupted. Children should get up to 8 hours of sleep regularly. Moreover, the pattern of sleep should be strictly followed in order to avoid obesity.

3. Skipping Breakfast

This is one of the major contributing factors to childhood obesity. Children who tend to skip breakfast are more likely to feel hungry throughout the day. As a result, they consume unhealthy snacks which directly cause them to gain weight. Irregular meals can be contagious to children. Usually, children who eat breakfast show a tendency to stay fit and healthy.

4. Lifestyle Change

Many parents do not realize the importance of establishing habits which are healthy for children. Spending time in front of TV, PC or tablets can cause children to lose track of time. They also usually forget about how much they are snacking. This is why parents should set time for their children in a day to spend with screens. Developing other habits like going out, playing sports etc. can help overcoming childhood obesity.

5. Unhealthy Emotional Environment

One of the leading causes of childhood obesity is living in unhealthy emotional environment. Many children find comfort in eating when they are unable to deal with their surroundings. Whether it is at home or at school, children can turn to food when they are not able to find a way to express themselves. If you are noticing a change in your child’s eating habits, you should talk about it with them.

These unconventional causes are most likely to be the reason for childhood obesity rather than the plain factor over-eating. Over-eating itself is a symptom rather than the cause of obesity. According to WHO, childhood obesity can affect up to 70 million children by 2025 if it is not taken care of properly.

Childhood obesity has been credited to many other factors like genetics, metabolism and birth but most of the researchers agree that children benefit from regular sleep hours along with nutritious breakfast meals in the morning. Moreover, taking healthy meals to school can further aid when it comes to coming over childhood obesity.  


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