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Relationships can be amazing for individual growth but sometimes they can also take toll on us. Spending time on the wrong person can be daunting. Many people also have to deal with cheaters. But the worst part about cheating is the shock you face when you first find out. There are many forums and social media platforms which allow people to come forward and share their tragedy with the world in an attempt to take off the burden from their minds.

Here are some absolutely shocking cheating stories that will make you just as angry as the people who have shared them:

  • Valentine’s Surprise

This story was reported by a gift-shop manager who had a customer buy roses and chocolates. The customer seemed apparently too excited to spoil his girlfriend. But the next day he came back to return the gifts. The reason? He walked in on his girlfriend with some other dude!

  • Sharing Our Bed

“We had been dating for five and a half years. One night, after I had gone to sleep, my girlfriend made out with another man in our bed. I was on the couch that night and I remember she came to kiss me at some point during the night. I found out about this the next morning.”

  • Change Of Heart

“When my girlfriend had to start her grad school in another state, I decided to take up new job around her and find a place for us to live. However, when we moved there, she started to sleep around with other people. I was confused and hurt for 4 months before I decided that it was time to move on.”

  • What Does  This Even Mean

This dude shared his story about getting cheated on by his fiancé. But instead of turning her away, he decided to give it another go. However, she ended up leaving anyways because in her opinion, he did not care enough to get mad.

  • The Phone Bills

“I saw a phone call on my husband’s number that I did not recognize. Using photographic memory, I put the number in Google when he was away. I ended up finding out that it was a prostitute’s number. I checked the phone bills and there were so many times that my husband had gotten involved in these situations. Our divorce files are ready.”

  • She Took Him Back

“One of my friends gave up her dreams to be with her boyfriend. However, she got pregnant and ended up having miscarriage. While she was in the hospital, she found out about her boyfriend’s affair with another woman for the same time as they had been together. And guess what? She took him back.”

  • Honeymoon Plans

“A girl I knew had been in a relationship with a man for eight years and they were planning their honeymoon destination. But she found out about his relationship with his secretary. He showed no remorse and confessed that he did not love her anymore. In the end, he took his secretary to the honeymoon destination.”

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