Whoever Prefers Black Coffee is a Psychopath in Making


By now, you might know what people think about people who prefer their coffee black. “If you drink black coffee, you’re a psychopath.” People like all kinds of foods and usually tend to pick sweet things over bitter. This is why most people get confused when a handful of people claim to love the most bitter of all food groups which is coffee.

But, this is not all fun and games. During 2015, a study held in University of Innsbruck claimed that there can be a direct correlation found between people who prefer black coffee and having psychopathic personality traits. Such people, who enjoy bitter tastes, can bourgeon a sadistic personality.

Moreover, a survey showed that people with sweet tooth tend to show behaviors like agreeableness and neuroticism. On the other hand, people with preference for bitter taste can display behavior which is hostile in nature and harsher too. These studies were not limited to black coffee but generally bitter foods. Therefore, it was anticipated that people who like bitter foods and beverages might show malevolent tendencies in their daily lives.

On the other hand, people who drink black coffee are quite health-conscious. Black coffee is an anti-oxidant and full of nutrients which have enriching value for human body. On the other hand, sugar, cream and milk can take away that value from coffee. We can all agree that people who drink their coffee black are enjoying more benefits compared to the rest of us. If you ever go through a veteran’s diet, you will realize that they only drink black coffee to stay fit.

This, however, does not negate the fact that scientific research has shown that bitter foods are linked with Machiavellian and narcissistic personality. Many adults who are addicted to bitter taste of coffee might show similar traits of being self-centered and self-indulgent. But this kind of research needs more evidence to show results which are nuanced and more relevant. Mostly, there is not enough data to support that every person who likes bitter foods like black coffee and greens is a psychopath.

In fact, such preferences in personal conduct impact less than 5% of overall personality of any human being. But Dr. Meyers says that you can learn much about a person and what kind of a person they are if you observe their behavior at a restaurant instead of what they order. If someone is kind to the servers, then they are most likely a good person at heart.

Now, while there are traces of personality development based on tastes, it is not all that a person has to offer. All in all, many people have been struck by other people’s coffee choices at work or during dates. But there is not much truth to speculations that black coffee drinkers are all a bit unhinged.

That does not mean you have to stop enjoying the great memes circulating around. If you want to go ahead and enjoy light humor, there is no one stopping you. Not even the scientific data against such claims!


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