20 Things To Know About Autism for Autism Awareness


As it is Autism Awareness Month, there are many things we can learn as a society which will make us more understanding, tolerant and compassionate towards people who are diagnosed with autism. Here are some of the most interesting things you can learn:

1. A group of developmental disorders is called the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). It includes several disorders like pervasive developmental disorder, autistic disorder and childhood disintegrative disorder.

2. It is a known fact that the most reliable medical diagnosis can only be given after the child turns 4. Sometimes, autism can be detected around the age of 18 months too but it is good to wait before a final verdict.

3. People with ASD differ from each other. Every person who is diagnosed with an ASD is unique and different from other.

4. Individuals diagnosed with autistic disordered commonly face challenge when it comes to speech, interpersonal skills and adaptive skills which include day-to-day activities.

5. A common pattern that emerges with children who have autism is that they are able to learn a language yet lose their control when it comes to speaking. This pattern is called regression.

6. Most of the individuals, especially children who have autism can show strange behavior when their routine is behavior. Often times, their anxiety manifests as tantrums.

7. Sometimes individuals with autism repeat words or phrases. This phenomenon is known as echolalia. This is also, often, seen as a sign of autism.

8. Many children who are diagnosed with autism have shown the tendency to avoid eye contact.

9. A wonderful thing about individuals with autism is their talent at certain things. They might excel at mathematics, art or other fields.

10. Almost 1 in every 3 autistic individuals suffers from epilepsy.

11. There is no single factor which can be denoted as a cause for autism. However, other factors like genes, prenatal influences or birth complications can be seen as causes.

12. The symptoms of ASD can be helped through treatments and medication but it cannot be completely cured.

13. One of the main thing which has been hailed as a successful treatment is Applied Behavior Analysis therapy. It is especially useful for children who are diagnosed with ASD.

14. Children with ASD are most likely to get bullied. In fact, up to 60% individuals are bullied by others.

15. A third of individuals with ASD are unemployed. There are not many education plans or employment options for young people with ASD.

16. Technology has introduced many apps which have helped non-verbal autistic children to communicate about their needs.

17. Pop culture is becoming more sensitive in terms of ASD and provides representation in shows like Atypical and The Good Doctor.

18. ADS individuals might show behavior where they only like a handful of foods, songs or similar things in their routine.

19. Weight blankets are known to help with anxiety that might show up in children with ASD.

20. ASD individuals are talented and loving human beings.


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