12 Questions Black People Finally Ask White People


White people and black people recently had a friendly discussion on a platform. Black people finally got to ask interesting questions that they had in mind. This social media discussion took everyone by storm because it was simply contagious.

These are the questions that black people had always wanted to ask white people:

1. About Horror Movies:

We all know the stereotype in horror movies when white people just start running towards the scary noises instead of running in the opposite direction.

 “Why do white people investigate scary noises in movies while black people are running for their lives?”

2. Know Your Seasoning:

Salt can do wonders for your food but a pinch of it can’t really do much.

“Honestly, what is a pinch of salt going to do for your food?”

3. On that Note:

White people have always kept an upper hand on world spices but they never really seem to use them in their own food.

“Why did white people raid the whole world for spices but never used it in their own food?”

4. Keeping Pets:

We all love our dogs but there are limits which white people don’t seem to understand or follow.

“Why do you let your dogs kiss you in the mouth?”

5. We Need to Know:

There is one food which needs to be explained and that is green bean casserole. It really does not taste all that good.

“Who was the person to invent green bean casserole?”

6. The Stroller:

Strollers can be a wonderful convenience but white people seem to use them for kids who don’t even need them. A four year old in the stroller is just awkward.

“Why do your kids turn old and still use strollers?”

7. It’s Cold:

It is winter time. You’d think most people would want to be covered and wear warmer clothes. But white people defy this law.

“Why do you guys wear shorts even in winters?”

8. Golly Gee What?:

There are just a few weird terms that are out of this world. What do they even mean when they say this and where does it come from.

“We need to know what Golly Gee Willikers mean.”

9. Becky Who?:

Becky is now an umbrella name that is used for every white woman and even white woman seem to embrace it. But we need to know who it is.

“Which one of you is Becky, really?”

10. The Sandals:

The infamous brown sandals are worn by school boys, dads, uncles and almost every white man that you might come across.

“Do wearing the same brown sandals give you guys some super powers?”

11. The Washcloths:

Every white person owns washcloths in their kitchen or bathroom sink. But they don’t seem to be using it at all.

“Why don’t y’all use washcloths?”

12. That Smile:

We have seen white people smile at black people when they pass them on the streets.

“What does that fake smile mean when y’all pass us on the street?”


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