15 Signs that Your Dog Is Fancier than You


Ever wondered if your dog is fancier than you? You might love your pup but your good boy deserves more recognition for all the effort they are putting. If you want to know if your dog is fancier than you, these are the things you need to look out for:

1. You offer something to your dog. Maybe it is food or maybe it is a ball. But when they take it, they are gentle about it. This definitely means your dog has got better manners than you.

2. Ever seen your dog adamant about a particular leash? They might be struggling to match colors there. This simply is a sign that your dog is a fancy boy.

3. Notice how your dog acts on parties and picnics. If they are on their best behavior and trying to show off to the guests then you should know what’s going on.

4. Is it raining outside? Are you taking your dog for a walk? Are they looking at you with puppy eyes? They just do not want their glamorous fun to be ruined by rain. It is literal rain on their fancy parade.

5. If you are the one whose dog gets invited to weddings, you don’t even need any other sign to know that your pupperoo is the one.

6. Are there other fancy doggos around? If your dog hangs out with them and cuddles with them then this is of course a squad full of fancy ones!

7. A fancy dog joins the pamper time. It is what it is. You tuck them in and put cucumber on their eyes and they will relax along with you.

8. Your dog loves to be tucked in during night. Not many dogs enjoy this but all the fancy ones do.

9. If your dog is posing like they are going to be on the cover of vogue then you know they are the fanciest fancy dog in the world. They just know how to steal the spotlight.

10. Is your doggo the one to keep a distance from other dogs but they are drawn towards the one prude one on the street? Your dog is definitely the royalty.

11. You might find your dog raiding your wardrobe when they are not satisfied with theirs. They just want to look good just like any other celebrity!

12. You already know your dog is the VIP if you can’t leave them behind. This means you are even taking them on flight.

13. Your dog is a gentleman when you find them posing nicely for the family portrait. They know their place in the family.

14. You know that your dog eats better than you, right? They eat organic meat, vitamins, fish oil and all that jazz and you are still looking for signs?

15. If your dog is tired, you will pick them up. No matter how good your outfit looks. If you are doing this for your pupper than you already know you have the fanciest dog in the world!


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