21 Unwritten Social Rules You Need to Follow


Yes, there are laws we follow that are written in heavy books. But there is more to living in society than going by those. Some of the rules which we need to follow have never been defined. Yet, there are things which make us polite and compassionate towards others. Following are the unwritten social rules that we need to follow:

1. This one should be in everyone’s book: if someone else is paying, don’t order something expensive.

2. Do not kiss a baby. Two reasons:

  • Parents are teaching personal boundaries to their infants.
  • Babies are quite vulnerable to disease.

3. This one is crucial nowadays: If you are out with someone, put your phone face down on the table and pay attention to the company.

4. Oh, and if someone is showing you something on their phone, avoid swiping left, right, up or down. It is the polite thing to do.

5. If you see someone with their headphones in, you don’t talk to them. More people need to understand this.

6. If you are entering an elevator or train, wait for everyone to get off. It is very annoying to shove your way in.

7. Be kind to servers. Whether it is your waiter in the restaurant, your Uber driver or other similar situations, don’t be unnecessarily mean to the servers.

8. In stores, libraries and even at home, put things back where you find them. It is not very decent to pick a box of cereal and leave it in the wine section.

9. If you are the one to finish the toilet paper, it is your responsibility to replace it.

10. Do not be the person who sticks their gum under seats, tables and benches. Just spit it out in a tissue paper and drop it in the trash can.

11. Hold the door if you are the one walking in after someone.

12. Say thank you if someone is kind enough to do that for you.

13. If you are in a situation where opening a bag of chips will make too much noise, just do it. Delaying it or opening it slowly will merely prolong the torture.

14. If you share your apartment or house, take your own responsibility and wash your dishes. Don’t leave it for them to do.

15. If you are on a phone and there are people around, don’t scream or talk too loudly.

16. If you have caught cough or flu, please cover your mouth.

17. It does not matter who cooked you the food, tell them ‘thank you’.

18. If you are at someone else’s place and they tell you it is getting let, leave.

19. Has someone offered to give you a ride? Offer to split the gas money. Oh and, don’t eat or smoke without their permission.

20. If you see two or more people having a private discussion, give them privacy instead of sabotaging the conversation.

21. And finally, give opinions when you are asked about them.


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