Women Need to Get Dogs, Not Men


A good night’s sleep is crucial for all of us. It is important for our brain activity and physical health to catch up on eight hours of sound sleep. Of course, all of us sometimes wish we had someone else to cuddle with during the night time. And a recent study shows that women tend to sleep better when they go to bed with dogs instead of men.

The Research

According to Dr. Christy L. Hoffman who is a professor in the field of Animal Behavior, Conservation and Ecology, women tend to get better sleep if they have a dog for a pet. She came to this conclusion when she initiated her research with her team. In order to get conclusive and precise results, they surveyed up to 962 adult women in the United States.

Sleeping With Dogs Vs. Sleeping With Men

As a result, they found out that on an average, the women who were getting good sleep were sleeping with their dogs. Moreover, they were getting a better sleep than women who went to sleep with men. On the other hand, women who slept with a dog and a man both benefit even more. They are able to get uninterrupted sleep while feeling a sense of comfort as well as security.

Comparison to Cats

And then we have cats on the other hand. Some people prefer cats for pets over dogs. However, according to the research, it was derived that cats prove to be disruptive sleeping partners. They are just as discomforting as some human beings can be. They also do not provide the same level of security as a dog can.

People who own cats might benefit from their presence if they are night owls. But women who own dogs are morning people who have better sleeping patterns. Yet, Dr. Hoffman does not make the generalization of recommending everyone to get a dog for a pet.

The Take Out

According to her the keyword to this research is ‘self-perception’. She says that the basis of her research is ‘individuals self-reporting how they feel’ about their sleeping pattern and what affects them. The collected data and the concluded result are based on the responses on average. The solution for everyone is not to get dog for a pet.

So Now What?

Keep in mind the realistic points like dogs are just as likely to get up to pee as men. Dogs can disrupt you in the middle of the night just as any other living creature. Oh and, you need to warm yourself up to the idea that sleeping with your Doggo or Pupper is going to be quite similar to sleeping with your Brad or Chad.

Yet, your dog will not smell like booze in the middle of the night. Neither will they bring up stupid things to talk about when all you want to do is go to sleep. In the meantime, Dr. Hoffman will be busy doing similar research for men so maybe the results can be further refined for all of us.


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