11 Signs that Your Dog Rules Your Life


If you own a dog you probably have unconditional love for your pupper. You might even let them do things which you would have never imagined before. Maybe they own the house now. Look out for the signs. These following signs will tell you if your dog is the one who is actually running your life:

1. It’s Walk Time

If your dog is the one to be your alarm clock in the morning so you can take them out for a walk, then it’s your dog that rules your life.

2. Snuggling

Your dog sleeps in the bed and couch with you. This is a great way to establish their dominance. You probably don’t even mind their dirty paws anymore.

3. Routine

Maybe your dog has a routine now and they ask you to follow it every day. If you fill the food dish every day, you can’t miss it anymore because your dog will whine until you do.

4. All the Space

Your dog probably takes up more space on the furniture now and you don’t even realize it. Maybe your dog likes to get cozy on the bed leaving you now space. They just rule your life now and you have to play along.

5. I’m Going Out

It has come to a point where you pup scratches at the door to be let out or let in. They decide the time for their walks and hanging out. And you can’t do much except comply by their rules.

6. Attention Is Needed

If you think your dog is not running your life, think again. Perhaps your dog comes and puts their head in your lap or just whines until you are giving all your attention to them.

7. Sharing is Caring

Your dog has taught you an important rule: sharing is caring. Every time you are eating food, you have to share a small piece with your dog now. You can’t escape this if your dog rules your life now.

8. Work from Home

If you are working from home, you find yourself cuddling with your dog all day long. It doesn’t matter if you are making worksheets, typing away on your laptop or taking calls, your dog is probably by your side.

9. The Emotional Deal

If your dog rules your life now, you cannot chide them without feeling horrible the next moment. If your dog has done something to upset you, you probably spend time wishing you had never done it.

10. Goodbye Blues

Your dog gives you the saddest look making it impossible to say goodbye to them. If you ever have to go out of town, you probably feel too emotional and end up feeling horrible for leaving the pupper behind.

11. Everything is About Them

You can tell if your dog has taken over your life if you cannot imagine your day-to-day life without them. Your good boy has taken over your life and your prioritize them without ever complaining because you love them too much.


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