Smoking Can Be Harmful for Your Penis


There are many health risks of smoking which include lungs cancer, mouth cancer, asthma and several other diseases. But, there is something that no one ever knew. Maybe smoking makes you feel and look cool but it is not as jazzy as it seems. In the long term, you will suffer when your penis starts to shrivel. You read that right. Smoking cigarettes can shrink your penis which is definitely not as exciting as the rush of smoking cigarettes.

Penis Shrinkage

Men and women both suffer from different symptoms as far as biology is concerned. According to urologist Marc Laniado the shrinking of penis is not ‘as rare as you might think’. It is a common occurrence in men who are chain smokers. Along with the well known affect which is the erectile dysfunction. This should be enough news to put smokers off.

Laniado also claims that he has witnessed erectile dysfunction many times in men who are addicted to smoking. He believes that in order to get firm erection there must be sufficient blood flow. However, smokers, typically, have arthrosclerosis in blood vessels including the ones in penis. This leads to reduced blood flow and ultimately erectile dysfunction.

Erectile Dysfunction

Along with the disrupted blood flow caused by smoking, there is the risk of chemical found in cigarettes which can impact a firm erection just the same. It is a known scientific fact that nicotine in cigarettes is the cause for narrowness of the blood vessels. This symptom can either be temporary but eventually it might turn into a permanent state. No man wants to lose their firm erection before they have aged so you might want to consider quitting now.

Marc Laniado even talked about the fact that many smokers talk about losing their morning erection as a result of smoking. Moreover, some don’t get an erection even when they are involved in intimate relationships. Alongside this common complaint, some confide in with the fact that their penis is shrinking with age. This is not merely due to age because smoking construes spontaneous erections which usually play a great role in keeping the penis its right size.

The Takeaway

This means that smoking is responsible for both erectile dysfunctions as well as shriveling of penis. It can be concluded that men might not be aware of how contagious smoking can be for their day-to-day life.

It is not only men whose sexual relationship is challenged by smoking. Laniado believes that women are not spared either. As established before, sexual appetite results from blood flow. This means that women are just as likely to suffer from the lack of sexual appetite despite being in intimate relationship if they are smoking too much. This is not a new research but this is the first time it has been studied extensively based on the common experience of people every day. In the past, there have been expert opinions who anticipated this link between loss of sexual appetite and smoking cigarettes.


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