4 Marvelous Date Ideas for Dates You Didn’t Want to Happen


Dating can be exciting and thrilling and all similar things. It is equally contagious to open your dating app and find out new matches. Every once in a while, we end up matching with someone who is just not that interesting or attractive to us no matter what they say. However, we are all guilty of carrying on a conversation for one reason or another.

Sometimes you respond the men in your messages because you are bored and there is nothing to do. Other times you just can’t say no because they keep insisting to see you. If you are stuck in a situation, here are dating ideas that will help you get rid of the person.

1. An Escape Room

So it is finally time to pick something to do with the man you are trying to get rid of. Pick an escape plan to visit. With someone interesting, this could be quite romantic. However, if you don’t like the person, you will have the opportunity to ignore them because both of you will be too busy to catch up talking with one another. All you might have to do is fake laugh or pretend you enjoy small hideous comments they pass thinking they are funny.

2. Go to a Concert

Once again, concerts can bring you a lot of joy and happiness. If you go with your friends or someone you actually like, you will ultimately make sweet memories. But the great thing about concerts is that you can enjoy them all on your own too. Ask your date to accompany you to see an artist that you like. In the end, you will not have to listen to them bore you with the tedious details of their corporate job or that one vacation they spent in Europe.

3. Ordering Food

Decide which food it is that you ravish to a point where you can tune someone out. If you are really unable to get out of this date, you are going to need something to get you through eat. Chinese, thai, Indian or whichever cuisine it is where you can eat to your heart’s desire is the key to this idea. You might have to try a little with the man but if you really get bored, you can always order more food to see the positive side of the date.

4. Drinks

If you really don’t want to do anything meaningful with this man then simply go and grab a few drinks. Nothing can possible go wrong with this idea. Perhaps you’d have to take a few shots to literally ignore that he is even there but it’s all for the good. Alcohol might make it bearable to listen to his lame frat boy experience or something equally daunting. The things we do for the people we really don’t care about! The best thing about these ideas is that the man will most probably ghost you and you will not have to go through this miserable and boring experience again.


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