Looking for a glowy eye makeup tutorial , less products but astonishing Look ? We got the answer For you!
We all need A go to makeup look that may not take more than 5 minutes ! Yes 5 minutes is enough, practice may help and only simple types to consider.
So Let’s get started !
The first thing to look after is to unite the color of the lip eye and for that you will need a concealer or just your daily fondation. This step will make your eyeshadow stay all day and reduce the darkness of the eye lips.
To blind the eye shadow you will need a fluffy brush or just your fingers. use the ring finger for that, highly recommended by the best makeup artists.
Next is the eye shadow, you will not need a palette of colors for that but only your daily lip mat gloss. it must be a vivid light color, super soft but yet it’s also not super dramatic. Taking for examples Orange color or any mat creamy texture that seems to suit all the looks, a must for a go makeup look !
To make your eye lighter, you will need a glitter or shimmery color that you gonna apply over the middle part of the eye lids in order to create a great combination of both colors with no harsh lines.
Apply more if you want to make it more intense.
To complete the look, the step of the eyeliner is a must. You only need to look for a super creamy black color. If you are not good at this step, the mascara may do the job but don’t forget to practice during your daily life and keep in mind that only practicing is the key to master the eyeliner.

The last step is mascara, you please don’t underestimate its importance, it’s a real changing step. Choices of a best mascara really depends on what natural lashes you have.
Fake lashes is another go to make up look, just make sure to choose a super easy ones and yet not super natural or dramatic.
To master your eyes look, all you need is to perfectly blind, trust me blinding is the key ! Colors that suits your skin color is another key, practicing is the best of them.


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